The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment

This assessment is a way to understand all the different components that make up your perspective. It allows you to be aware of what is keeping you stuck, and shows how you can help yourself move forward.

If you’re tired of feeling like you have no willpower, telling yourself that you are helpless to change your eating habits, then the Energy Leadership Index can show you where you need to shift your perspective in order to find success.

It is an attitude-based assessment based on seven levels of energy or consciousness.

These levels range from highly limiting (victim mindset) to highly empowering (non-judgment). My goal as your coach is to help you understand how the different levels of energy affect your food choices throughout each day, and teach you the methods that will help you lead your life from a place of greater strength.

When you are operating with a victim mindset, you feel embarrassed by your weight and go out of your way to avoid mirrors, social situations and meeting new people.

When you are functioning with a non-judgment mindset, you are excited to try some new meals, get creative about exercise, and really see what you can achieve. You see the opportunity that exercise and healthy eating can bring into your life.

Choosing to complete the ELI and accompanying debrief session arms you with the knowledge to truly make lasting changes in your health, wellness and life as a whole. Understanding the way your values, beliefs and experiences influence your daily choices can give you the depth of awareness necessary to make different ones.

Imagine losing weight without the internal conflict over the choices you make.
Imagine passing up dessert without feeling like it is a punishment.
Imagine feeling excited to venture outside and exercise.

Imaging empowering yourself to shift your energy to a higher, more positive level through your thoughts, words and actions.

The ELI Assessment is designed to give you these insights, and so much more as you complete the debrief and share your goals with your coach. At last, you’ll begin to connect the puzzle pieces and finally see the whole picture of you as you make your way towards lasting weight loss success!

Energy Leadership Assessment Debrief

It is time to stop being disappointed when you don’t fit into your clothes. To stop judging every morsel of food as good or bad, beating yourself up when you’ve “fallen off” the wagon.

During this 75-minute Energy Leadership Assessment Debrief, we will discuss each of the seven levels of energy and how they are showing up in your weight and life at this moment.

Together, we’ll explore the behaviors, situations, and thinking that align with each specific level of energy, and how they might be hindering or enhancing your life today.

You will understand why weight loss is actually a lifestyle shift, and you’ll be empowered to make the best choices each day as you take action towards your goals. You will learn to replace the inner conflict and anger you feel with compassion and understanding.

Our goal is to help you see both the positive and negative ways these different levels of energy show up in your life, while understanding how you can use them to help or hinder your weight loss.

Once we’ve completed the debrief, you are ready to start learning the tools that can help you shift your energy from limiting self-hatred into positive self-care. This learned ability is what can transform your weight loss goals from dreams into reality.