55 Simple Ideas to Boost Weight Loss

When you want to get healthy and lose weight, life can be a minefield. Around each corner and behind every cupboard, your lurking enemy awaits. In this FREE guide, you’ll learn how to:

+ Eliminate excuses and protect yourself from triggers.
+ Get organized and keep unhealthy choices out of reach.
+ Plan ahead and support yourself in creating healthier habits.
+ Practice new skills and make weight loss work for your life.

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I’ve been there too . . .

angry with the excess weight clinging to my body, suffering from the starvation of yet another diet, and fighting against the screaming voice in my head that says “EAT! MORE! NOW!” I felt victim to my heavy body. I hated myself for it. I just didn’t understand why I couldn’t get it together?

My weight went up and down so many times over those first 29 years of my life. Heavy just felt ‘right’ to me in a way that thin never did. I was sick of being a “big” woman, but I didn’t know how to escape the prison of my heavy body.

It was a complete stranger and his need for a life-saving marrow transplant that changed everything for me.

I learned that it doesn’t have to be this way. You are here to experience greater things; your life is worth living to the fullest. I promise you there is a way forward, but you have to learn from those who have gone before. No diet can ever help you uncover your true beauty and sustain lasting weight loss.

There are tools, strategies and resources that will give you the time to take care of yourself, teach you to know your true self more completely, and help you build a healthier life. This is the moment when the suffering ends and living truly begins to take shape for you.


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